TRAX Chihuahua is born in response to the lack of punching services in our city. The four founding members gather more than 20 years of experience in the sheet metal industry. TRAX currently offers custom part fabrication as well as maintenance services for any type of industry. TRAX is committed to work to the highest quality standards in order to exceed customer requirements. Over time TRAX has grown utilizing the growing team of industry trained CAD Engineers, Business Development and Marketing Departments and a suite of skilled shop floor staff from Welders to expert Precision Sheet Metal Workers.


  • ❖ Skilled operators
  • ❖ Welders
  • ❖ CAD Engineers
  • ❖ Project Managers
  • ❖ Machine Operators
  • ❖ Quality Engineers
  • ❖ Metrologists
  • ❖ Planners